We are looking for a new home! Can you help? 

We are a small children’s charity which currently supports 95 children with Down syndrome in London to maximise their potential. We provide our children aged 0 – 16 with a range of group therapies and life skills, as well as providing crucial information and support to families.

We are looking for a new home to rent at an affordable rate from September 2017 and are searching in zones 1-3 (central London and north of the river).

The venue could be shared with other organisations or we could be sole users.

We need access to:
• Parking facilities and public transport
• Local amenities (shops, café)
• A secure entrance/exit
• A range of rooms and flexible spaces to enable us to deliver our services
• A kitchen and breakout area
• Storage
• Outdoor space

If you think you could help, please contact us now on nicky@downrightexcellent.org

Downright Excellent Annual Report 2015-16

Enabling children with Down syndrome to maximise their potential


Downright Excellent (DEx) provides weekly speech and language therapy sessions at Golden Lane Children’s Centre for children aged 0-13. We also provide quality play experiences for children with Down syndrome and their siblings, plus education and support for parents and carers. The sessions run on Friday mornings for ages 0-4 and Saturday mornings for ages 5-13.

We follow research on Early Intervention from the Down Syndrome Educational Trust. There is a maximum number of six children per group, as our emphasis is on learning in small groups.

Our charity number is 1120863