London Taxi Drivers day out…

London Taxi drivers day out to Adventure Island, Southend

By Aykan Tiffen Turker (brother of Jan Leon, one of our Downright Excellent children)

On Tuesday, 26th June, 2012, I went out with my brother Jan (Yr 1, Holmes) to Southend on Sea with the London Taxi Drivers Fund. This was the 84th Day Out organised by the Taxi drivers. There were around 110 London Taxi cabs which all travelled in one big, big convey from London to Southend, 100 miles there and back.

As we went along, all the taxis were beeping their horns, other cars driving by blew theirs back and people everywhere waved at us! There were families in every taxi from all over London, about 500 people in total.

Just before we were ready to leave, and while the taxi drivers went to register and get directions, animals and people came along to entertain us. We met a lion and a clown called Jolly Jack who showed us magic tricks and origami. My Mum noticed a sign behind where he was sitting. It said, “This is where the magic happens!” We all thought, “Cool!”

All the taxis were decorated with balloons, flags, pictures, tinsel and posters. One taxi had a gigantic crown like the Queen’s on top of the roof!

At Southend, we were able to go on all the rides at Adventure Island for free. One ride was a giant skateboard that went 360 degrees round and round; another was called the “Green Scream” which was a roller coaster! There was also a Haunted House. My brother went on a Viking ship ten times (and I nearly went to sleep…). I went on my own on a big water ride, that was around 3 storeys tall. Jan wasn’t allowed. You had to be 120 cm tall.
Finally, before we had tea and headed home, we built up the courage to go on the scariest one of all called The Rage! loop-the-loop and a drop like falling out of Yr 6 classroom window into the playground.

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