Who we are

Downright Excellent’s mission is to maximise the potential of children with Down syndrome. We passionately believe that all our children have skills and talents that should be celebrated and developed to support them to be the best they can be – more than was ever thought possible.

The charity was founded in 2007; we are now seeing those babies who joined us right at the beginning blossoming into independent, capable teenagers, getting ready to embark on the next stage of their lives. We are proud to see the impact that DEx’s support throughout their lives has had.


DEx runs a lean organisation. All of our workers are freelance and part-time, with a heavy emphasis on highly specialised professionals bringing the expertise of their practice. Meet the team…

Sandra Redman

Sandra Redman

DEx Service Manager, smiLE practitioner and Makaton trainer

Sandra works with DEx children from birth to 17 years, promoting communication, language, literacy and numeracy skills and ultimately skills for work, life and independence.

Sandra has worked with and supported children and young people with Down syndrome and their families in the areas of health, communication and education for 15 years. She is devoted to ensuring children and young people with Down syndrome receive the optimum education and support to enable them to reach their full potential into adulthood. She is a qualified paediatric nurse and has an MSc in Language and Communication Impairments in Children. She is a Baby Makaton trainer, an Incredible Years parenting trainer and SmiLE Therapy practitioner, as well as a level 3 counsellor. Sandra created a multi-disciplinary hub for children with Down syndrome for Barnet Education Authority and she provides training on the learning profile, health and behaviour management of children with Down syndrome to health and education professionals and parents.

Georgia Clark

Georgia Clark

DEx administrator

Before taking an extended career break to raise her son, Georgia worked for a theatrical agency and the Prison Reform Trust as PA to the Directors and Office Manager. “I love being part of this dedicated and driven team that makes such a difference to the children, young people and families who make up the warm DEx community.”

Ciara Baxter

Highly Specialist Occupational Therapist

Ciara is a highly specialist Occupational Therapist and Child Counsellor.

Ciara has also worked for many years as part of the Senior Leadership Team in a Special Needs Primary school supporting children and young people presenting with SEMH needs co-occurring with other intellectual disabilities and/or neurodivergent populations.

Erica Ranzato

Maths and Memory Training specialist

Erica is a PhD student at the Institute of Education (UCL) investigating the development of mathematical abilities of children and young adults with Down syndrome.

She has been working with schools and families to support children with Down syndrome for many years and is passionate about promoting research-based practices in education.

Georgia Cousins

Tweens session leader & Speech and Language Therapist

Georgia started volunteering with DEx in 2016 whilst training to be a Speech and Language Therapist and she is now one of the session leaders on a Saturday. 
Outside of DEx, Georgia works as a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist with adults with learning disabilities in the community providing support to those with communication, behaviour and swallowing difficulties.

Joana Ferreira da Silva

Speech and Language Therapist

Mike Dodd

Community musician

Loba Behnia

Play & Learn Coordinator

Loba has worked in childcare since 2009, with experience across a wide variety of settings, from holiday clubs to nurseries, as well as several years looking after children with Down syndrome.

She has a BSc in Psychology and a keen interest in Child Psychology.


DEx is led by a committed and active board of trustees, two of whom are parents of DEx children, with the others bringing skills and experience to complement the board.

James Davis

James Davis


Father to Abi, who attends Saturday DEx and has two older siblings. Previously CEO of an online property lettings business, Upad: winner of the ESTAD best online agents award twice and a Tech Media Invest ‘100 companies to watch’. Non-Executive Director of Prosperity Capital. London Entrepreneur of the Year. Portfolio landlord. Proud Dad and contented husband. Now taking on various new challenges, of which this role was timely and fits like a glove!

Rajee Seelan

Rajee Seelan


A professional accountant by training, Rajee has worked with numerous businesses providing a variety of assurance and accounting services. He now works at an investment management firm. “Whilst helping DEx via a corporate sponsor on some project work, I had the opportunity to talk to some of the team and a parent of a child that has been coming to DEx. I saw the great value provided and the hugely positive impact; it serves a real purpose. It’s great to be able to add value to such an organisation with my skill set.”

Melody Liang

Deputy Treasurer

Melody Liang is an experienced global investment professional and a Chartered Financial Analyst. Her expertise includes investment consulting and governance, business development, client relationships, and financial management.

Melody is based in Sydney, Australia, and actively participates in various for-purpose committees outside of her profession, focusing on contributing to community development.

Nishad Ghudka

Nishad Gudhka


Nishad Gudhka joined the board in March 2013 and is a DEx Tweens parent. Nishad works in global project management as Associate Director in Life Sciences at Cognizant Technology Solutions where his interpersonal skills enable him to inspire teams to transform businesses creatively.

Alexandra Perovic



We are supported by a wonderful team of volunteers who assist our face-to-face sessions, and many work behind the scenes bringing their skills to help in other ways, such as fundraising and social media.

Do you want to be part of our amazing team?