We provide speech and language interventions, occupational therapy support and educational and life skill interventions through our group sessions – both online and in person – on Saturday mornings for children attending primary school, following the school term timetable.

There is also the option for online groups on weekday evenings. 

DEx school-age term dates 2023-24 (PDF)

We offer one-to-one consultations each term (link to page) with one of our specialists to reflect on your child’s progress, understand more about their strengths and needs, and identify areas for development.

Our family forums (link to page) provide opportunities for parents/carers to ask questions about their child’s development and give feedback on their experiences.

For families receiving the DEx package of support, if your child is attending a nursery or pre-school then we are able to offer places for staff at your child’s primary school on our termly training sessions and informal forums (link to page). Email for more information.

If you would like to join our waiting list for the DEx package of support, please complete this simple form (link) and one of our team will follow up to find out more about you and your child.

Starting primary school

If you are preparing for your child to start primary school and are unsure about your options, there are some excellent resources available on the Down’s Syndrome Association website (link).