New faces

New Faces

Our Fundraising and Social Media team has grown! We grabbed 30 seconds with our new recruits to introduce them to you …

What is your name? Tanushree or you can call me Ree.
Where you are from?  Born in India but lived in London for the last 16 years.
How did you get involved with DEx? I responded to the call for a fundraising volunteer by DEx last year and since then, the more I discover about the amazing work DEx does, the more in awe I am of the people behind it.
What are your aspirations for DEx? To help diversify the fundraising at DEx.

What is your name? Harold
Where you are from? Bogotá, Colombia
How did you get involved with DEx? Missing my sister tons who is back home made me get in touch with this lovely charity. Currently, I feel that if there is a way I can help people with Down syndrome, it is by supporting DEx. Also, it is my way to give back to society what the universe (or whoever you believe in) has given to me!
What are your aspirations for DEx? I want to help by increasing DEx’s brand awareness in social media, as this will eventually help to increase the charity’s donations and ultimately allow children and young people in the UK to enhance their skills.