Become our next corporate partner and help fund brighter futures for children with Down syndrome.

Thanks a million


Without DEx our children would be left vulnerable and
without the support they desperately need.

Children painting and having fun

Shape Coding

Supporting understanding and expressive skills, shape coding is a tool that taps into the good visual learning skills of our children and supports understanding of word order and grammar. Families enjoy learning to use this approach so that children could benefit from its use at DEx and at home.

Standing on the street

No State help

The State does not offer this level of customised support and without DEx, some children may never be able to communicate, go to college and work like everyone else.

Pink wig

Coping with a pandemic

The pandemic has meant we have had to totally adapt to offer novel ways to continue the same level of support for our children and families. This takes longer, is more expensive and more unpredictable.

Mother and child

More families

DEx is 15 years old and started with just 3 babies - we are now seeking new perspectives to help us continue and grow for another 15 years.

What our former partner, Octopus, has to say about us:


“I can honestly say that it’s been a great partnership. A charity as small as DEx can often fall through the cracks and their very real outcomes for children and their families in London resonate with our 1,000 staff so strongly.

We know that the funds we raise for them and also the wide range of volunteering we are able to do for them genuinely does have a real impact which has made it all the more special.

I’d recommend DEx to any company that is looking for a charity who are making a real difference and that will engage all their staff in giving back – our people express that they feel a heightened sense of community and wellbeing after volunteering for DEx which really helps us to build our impact as an organisation.

We would be delighted to share our thoughts and experience with any potential new partners for DEx.”

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