Farewell and thank you to Ann!

An older white lady wearing glasses and a green jumper smiles while holding a plant

On Saturday 9 December, we said goodbye to Ann Reynard, who did an incredible job running DEx over the last 15 years.

In that time we have grown from supporting 17 families to nearly 100! She leaves an amazing legacy and we are grateful for everything she has done.

Below is a video of the farewell speeches, including lovely words from Ann herself.

DEx’s Chair, James Davis, had these words to say:

“So – we are at the end of an era. Ann you are finally finally finally retiring as DEx’s CEO!

This is clearly a massive milestone, after dedicating nearly every waking minute of your time to DEx – And that’s not too far from the truth! – over the past nearly 15 years.

Ann, thank you so much for everything. I’ve tried to think of those words which could eloquently capsulate what your time and dedication over the years has meant to 100s of families.

  • Smiler
  • Fun and a pleasure to be around you
  • Dedicated
  • Unwavering support for the charity, and all of us ultimately
  • Fulfilling ‘public service’ for the Down syndrome community, over many years
  • Steadfast
  • Resilient
  • Driven
  • Never learning to not be so hard on yourself, should a task not be completed on time
  • Resourceful
  • Professional
  • Inspirational
  • Positive
  • So so so considerate
  • So so so committed over the years
  • A cup half full outlook on life
  • Diagnosed by everybody around you, of SSS – Short sleeper syndrome
  • Actually quite funny at times (if I concentrate hard and swint a tad!)
  • Exceptionally generous, in many many ways
  • Been busted, on only a handful of occasions, to “pop out for some ‘milk’” straight after a Board meeting!

Ann, it has been a pleasure to get to know you well over the past 11 years; you will be so exceptionally missed by everyone you have touched.

Happy retirement Ann!”